The Founder of Shadani Darbar

Shiv Avtari Satguru Sant Shadaram Sahib

Sant Shadaram Sahib was born in Lohana khatri family ascending to the dynasty of Maharaj Lav, Son Of “Bhagwan Shree Ramchander ji” on October 1708 in Lahore (Punjab). Sant Shadaram ji Maharaj is believed to be the “Avtar” of “Lord Shiva” and had devoted his whole life to the service of Ultimate God and human being. Many miracles were witnessed, delivered forth benefit of suffered humanity.

From the childhood only Thy religious deepness was observed in various ways. After the age 20, He had been deeply involved in spiritual welfare of the people, moving around various holy places of India like Haridwar, Yamnotri, Gangotri, Amarnath, Prayag, Ayodhya, Kashi, and Shri Pashupathinath Temple in Nepal. In 1768, Sant Shadaram Sahib ji reached Mathelo, which was capital of Sindh during the reign of Raja Nand. It is the place of religious super mites near which the sacred river Sindhu Saraswati disappeared in the desert.

It is believed that the four “Vedas” were also enlightened in the soul of great Rishi-Muni near this city on the bank of river Sindhu Saraswati and Sant Shadaram Sahib built Shiv Mandir & enlightened The sacred holy fire (Dhuni Sahib).

After sometime he left his temple of village Mathelo along with his devotees and settled nearest another holy village in Hayat Pitafi and laid the foundation of Shadani Darbar. Thou got dug one sacred well and enlightened one “Holi Fire” known as “Dhuni Sahib”. It is only due to Thy blessings that anyone who has this sacred Dhuni Sahib and drinks sacred water of the well, is free from all his sufferings and misfortunes. Sant Shadaram Sahib left for heavenly abode in 1793

Satguru Sant Tulsidas Sahib,
2nd Gaddisar

Sant Tulsidas sahib was born at Mathelo Sahib in(22 Visakh) 1731. According to wishes of First Satguru, Sant Tulsidas sahib ceremonial chaired for a sovereign to Shadani Darbar in 1793 and showered blessings on people an six year later (1799) he bowed to wishes of Sant Shadaram Sahib and left for heavenly abode leaving the “Gaddi” to his son as per direction of First Sant Satguru Shadaram Sahib.

Satguru Sant Takhatlal Sahib Hazuri,3rd Gaddisar

Sant Takhatlal Sahib was born in (26 Badra) 1783 at Mathelo and assumed the “Gaddi” at the age of sixteen (1799). He was hardly eight years old when Sant Sahadaram Sahib blessed him with a “Vardan” that he would be available (Omni-

Present) everywhere when so ever he desired. After assuming the holy “Gaddi” he rose in popularity and devotes compared him to Raja Harishchandra, Raja Vikrama Dity and Danveer Karan. Sant Takhatlal Sahib ran a shop for his livelihood and in the evenings he used to come to Darbar for meditation and religious discourse. Once a “Yatri” (Pilgrim) Knocked at the door of Shadani Darbar. He was wel-corned by Sant Takhatlal Sahib And was offered meal. After taking food, the pilgrim left Darbar and saw the same Sant in the market square performing Bhajans among the crowd. He could not believe his eyes and rushed back to Shadani Darbar where he saw Sant Takhatlal Sahib talking to his disciples. The Pilgrim was surprised to find the Sant at two different places at the same time. Such was the “Miracles” of this Sant.

in another instance a Brahmachri Sadhu from Haridwar visited Shadani Darbar. On seeing Sant Takhatlal he told the devotes that he had seen the Sant taking bath at Holy Ganga river every Morning at Haridwar and was flabbergasted to see him here. He was informed that the Sant was living at Shadani Darbar since the age of four year and had never visited Haridwar.

Sant Takhatlal Hazuri visited Amratsar sahib in 1839 kindly show us some kind of miracle where Sant jee responded that miracle is home of curse but if you are requesting over and over again Now our body will be in standing position for 30 minutes after leaving this world toward heavenly abode.

Satguru Sant Tansukhram Sahib,
4th Gaddisar

Sant Takhatlal Sahib had three sons 1. Jessaram Sahib who was yogi 2.Tansukhram Sahib 3.Chelaram Sahib. Yogishwar Jessaram Sahib was away from these worldly affairs hence Tansukhram sahib was to be next Gaddisar.

Sant Tansukhram Sahib was born (2 Poh)in 1804. In 1839, after leaving for heavenly abode of Sant Takhatlal Sahib his son Tansukhram Sahib,assumed the Gaddi ” of Shadani Darbar. His Melodious Voice and used to render Bhajans in praise of God. One day Tansukhram Sahib went to a village Darro on an invitation of Bhai Hazariram along with Bhai Khottaram, Bhai Madhuram and Bhai Pahalaj ram. People requested the Sant to recite holy Bhajans and the programme recitation went on throughout the night. In the early hours the next day some villagers of thikratha appealed that the holy kirtan to be continued. Heeding to their request Sant Tansukhram Sahib ordered Bhai Madhuram and Bhai Pahalaj ram to continue the performance of kirtan but they showed their inability to do as they were tired. The Sant told them if they could not sing now, they will not be able to sing forever. He asked Bhai Khotaram to render Bhajans and he obeyed the orders. Bhai Khotaram was blessed that one day he would be renowned in the world and the words of Sants came true.

One day a villager came to Sant Tansukhram’s shop to purchase 20 kgs.Cotton. The Sant requested him to weigh the commodity himself in the godown and take away his purchase. The Villager became dishonest Instead of 20 – kgs. He Collected two Kgs more and Paid only for 20 Kgs. When he went home he put the cotton on the weighing Scale and was surprised to find that the commodity weighted only 18 Kgs. Furiously ,he returned to the shop and alleged that the weighing scale was defected however Sant Jee asked him, you had weighted commodity yourself, You can once again go and weight the commodities, This time he took weight of 24 K.G and went back to home however at Home he checked weight of commodities were 16 k.G then he realized and bowed his head before Satguru Sant Tansukhram Sahib. Sant Tansukhram Sahib left this world for heavenly abode in 1852

Param Pujniya Mata Sahib Hassi Devi,5th Gaddisar

Param Pujniya Mata Sahib Hassi Devi was Born in 1826 (Shadani sambat 118, akharr 25, Shukala Paksh 8 @ morning 10 am at Khanpur Mehar in Sindh(Pakistan). She was married to sant Tansukhram Sahib in 1846 and she became head of Shadani Darbar in 1852.

She was very quite pure and pious Lady. She performed all prayers and services to all the persons who visisted Shadani Darar. Mata Sahib assumed the Gaddi ” of Shadani Darbar in 1852. She was a very pious ladyand rendered prayers and Bhajans at Shadani Darbar. Once famine (Khushak Sali)Broke out in Sindh. She prayed to God for mercy and put a bag of wheat in an iron vessel. She ordered shewadari not to open vessel and take out wheat from small space. Shewadari continuously get wheat for six months from the vessel to feed the hungry visitors in Shadani Darbar. But the wheat never ran away and the vessel was always full of commodity. Such was the divine grace of Param Pujniya Mata Sahib however one day one Shewadari opened vessel and saw it was full of wheat since then wheat started emptying and vanished.

In 1856, Construction of Darbar Sahib was in progress at Hayat Pitafi. The collector of shikarpur, Mr.Brown, during his inspection visited, saw bricks, mud and other building material lying on the street near Darbar Sahib. He was furious and ordered for the removal of the material . The followers of darbar sahib informed Mata Sahib about the collector’s order and she quipped, “Collector Brown”- has no shame to hide his nose. He is a Shameless person. Why does not he understand that the construction work of Darbar Sahib is in Progress and where else the building material can be placed except on the street. The same day collector Brown on his return journey to Shikarpur, felt down from the horse’s back and got serious injuries on his nose. The words of Mata Sahib came true ! When the collector was informed that this was due to the curse of the holy sant, he went straight to Shadani Darbar and apologized for his action. Mata Sahib pardoned him and blessed for his early recovery. Saint Manglaram Sahib was serving in Shadani Darbar and Mata Sahib became very much pleased with his selfless services. on 30 April, 1909, She handled over ” Gaddi ” to Saint Manglaram Sahib and left for Heavenly abode.

Satguru Sant Manglaram Sahib,
6th Gaddisar

Sant Manglaram Sahib was born (24 Sanwan) in august 1858 in the family of shri Bharoram at Hayat Pitafi . He came in the service of Shadani Darbar in 1890 and assumed ” Gaddi ” of Shadani Darbar in 1909.

He is commonly known as “Sankat Mochan” Trouble Shooter there are so many examples he helped his followers in the time of trouble. Some Villagers of Channar village came to Hayat Pitafi and settled there. They used to come to the Darbar for Bhajan-Kirtan. There was a Peepal tree on the way and from that directions stones were hurled at them. They narrated the incident to Sant Manglaram Sahib. The Sage took Dhuni Sahib(Sacred water) in his right hand and threw it in that direction from where the stones were being hurled. He addressed the Ghosts loudly, ‘You are hereby commanded to leave the tree and not trouble the disciples of the Shadani Darbar. From that day, Ghosts disappeared and no such incident was repeated thereafter. In 1918,Cholera epidemic broke out in the whole of sindh province. The panchayat of Hayat Pitafi approached Sant Manglaram and told him that in every village at least seven persons have died of cholera. The sage gave Direction that “Dhuni” of Sant Shadaram Sahib and water of the holy well of Darbar Sahib be scattered on the boundaries of Hayat Pitafi Village. Till today there has been no incident of any infection of any, disease, ghosts or dacoity. In 1930 due to divide and rule policy of the British Government, Local Muslims were instigated by the rulers to harass, loot and kill Hindus Muslim communal rights. but Sant Manglaram sahib mixed holy dust(Dhuni Sahib) and Water threw calling the names of surrounded boundaries of Village Hayat Pitafi as a result of this as dacoits crossed the boundary of Hayat pItafi village they became blind when they move back they could able to see. In this way people of Hayat Pitafi saved by the Miracle of Sant Manglaram Sahib

In December 1932,(Shadani Sambat 224, Manghir 22, Kirshan Paksh ) Sant Manglaram sahib decided to leave for heavenly abode he told all disciples and followers of Shadani Darbar to obey the order of Sant Rajaram Sahib. He place coconut and 5 paisa before Sant Rajaram Sahib and handed over Gaddi (Throne) to him. Sant Manglaram Sahib put one cotton sheet over his body and through the meditation and prayer he went to his heavenly abode he had won over everyone’s heart through the selfless service to Shadani Darbar.

Satguru Sant Rajaram Sahib, 7th Gaddisar

Sant Rajaram sahib born (Kartek) in 1882

Sant rajaram sahib came in Hayat Pitafi as his sister got married here and used to come to Shadani Darbar. Sant Rajaram then began to live

in the Shadani Darbar and pleased Mata Sahib with his selfless service. He was educated in religious discourses and knowledge by Mata Sahib and in 1904 he was sent to seek religious educational center in Haridwar for 2 years where he learnt Vadas,Upanishads, Viyakaran and other ” Granths” from Swami Chetan Dev, the head of the Institution who was so impressed by the child’s sensibilities & extraordinary abilities that he offered him to stay in Haridwar and take charge over from him. But Sant Rajaram Politely refused saying he was devoted to Shadani Darbar and would prefer going there. Sant Rajaram then began to live at the Darbar and pleased Mata Sahib with his selfless service. He was educated in religious discourses and knowledge by Mata Sahib. Sant Rajaram was an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He had a Pleasing personality. He learnt Gita, Granth and Vedant Psychology by heart and was himself an enlightened soul. He was so merciful that he could not bear the grief of others. Sant Rajaram Sahhib assumed at the “Gaddi” of Shadani Darbar in 1932.

Once Bhai Ganguram from Ghotki, a disciple of Shadani Darbar, was grieved as his nephew Namdeo was suffering from cancer. The sick child was brought to Shadani Darbar and Bhai Ganguram begged Sant Raja Ram to cure him. The sage was full of sympathy and suggested that ” Dhuni Sahib” be rubbed on Namdeo body. The result was that Namdeo recovered and is alive till date in Sindh. Shadani Sants have always tried to maintain Brotherhood among different sects of Hindus and Muslims That’s why even today hundreds of Muslims are also followers of this Darbar. They respect Shadani Sants and there are many instances of Muslims Coming to the Darbar For spiritual satisfaction. Sant Rajaram Left for Heavenly abode on 20 March,1960.

Shiromani Satguru Sant Gobindram Sahib, 8th Gaddisar

Sant Gobindram sahib born on 25 Oct 1944.

Sant Jee were so powerful and pious since birth and assumed the “Gaddi” 4th April 1960 Similarly, in October 1979,the Pakistan Government extended Visa period from 7 days to 10 days and allowed 200 pilgrims from to visit

Shadani Darbar Hayat Pitafi to attend birth anniversary of Sant Shadarm Sahib along-with Khanpur Mahar ( Birth place of Sant Mata Hassi Devi), Mata Kalkadevi Mandir Adalpur, Ghotki, Deharki, Sadhu Bela Sukkhur & Lahore. On 16 october,1984, Sant Gobindram Sahib laid the Foundation stone of Vaid Mandir and Shadani Darbar at Mathelo. He ordered excavation of the place where Sant Shadarm Sahib used to offer prayers and meditation. To everyone’s surprise the Holy Shankh and Holy earthern pot (Dhuni) emerged during excavation and slogans of ” jai Shadaram”, ” jai Shadaram” raised the air. Heeding to the request of Disciple,Sant Gobindram set up Shadani Darbar in Amravati (Maharashta) It was inaugurated on 4th Apri1,1989. Sant Gobindram also established New shadani Darbar at 20 January,1988 which is Situated at Dhamtari Road, 9Kms away from Raipur town. Spread over 12 acres of area, this Shadani Darbar has attracted Pilgrims from far and wide. on 22 April, 2003, the Sant Swami Gobindramji Maharaj left for heavenly abode. Presently “Sant Yudhishterlal Ji Maharaj” is 9th Gaddisar of Pujya Shadani Darbar Raipur, Chattisgarh (India).

Sant Gobindram Sahib left this world for heavenly abode on 22 April 2003.

Sant Shri Dr. Yudhister Lal Ji ,
9th Gaddisar

Satguru Sant Shri Dr.Yudhishter lal ji is the Navam peethdeeshwar(Present Gaddisar) of the Holy Shrine Pujya Shadani Darbar Tirth,Hindh-Sindh.He is the descendant of 8th Shadani Satguru Sant Gobindram Sahib ji and now is the Guiding light of Shadani’s Community.

Birth: “The Spiritual master is the Mercy Representative of the Lord” On 13th December,1962 Satguru Ji(an enlighten and merciful soul)was born in the family of Sant Gobindram Sahib ji and Pujniya Mata Sundri Devi Ji at Shadani Darbar Hayat Pitafi,Taluka Mirpur Mathelo ,Dist-Ghokti Sindh Pakistan. Sant Yudhishter lal ji Maharaj is the eldest of five sons of Satguru Dev,Sant Gobindram Sahib ji. He was only six when he came to India in 1969 A.D.with his great Father. From his Childhood he use to get involved in holy rites of darbar and in various religious and Spiritual Practices. Satguru Dev Ji has always Keen Interest towards Education. When he returned back, he started getting his education in Raipur India an in due Course of time, he passed the M.COM final in Commerce. Moreover he has done Diploma in Vedang Jyotish and done the most prestigious i.e PHD in Psychology and finally accomplish the Doctorate degree. At the age of 28 years, Sant Yudhishter Lal Ji got Married with Mata Deepika daughter of Shree Relu Ram Bharti from Jalna(Maharashtra)on 17th July 1991.

Satguru Dev ji is blessed with two Sons &two Daughters :-

1.Uday Shadani(Advocate) 2.Satyam Shadani (Engineer) 3.Kiran Shadani (Doctor)4.Veerta Shadani (Student)

Sant Yudhister Lal ji owes a sweet Silent and in co-operative nature. He always greets everyone with his warm smile. You can always see him smiling with whosoever he may be. His lovely nature has created a great respect for him in the hearts of Shadani Shewaks and other people. He has served the Shadani Darbar with full heart and soul.

Satguru Dev Swami Gobindram ji Mahraj had been fully satisfied with his shewa and dealing with the people.

Sant Yudhishter Lal always thought of himself as a little and worthless shewak/servant of Shadani Darbar. Three days before leaving for Sachkand (The Spiritual world), Satguru Dev Sant Gobindram Sahib ji Mahraj called Sant Yudhishter Lal ji in his personal room and imparted him all the rules and routines of Shadani Darbar, blessed him with the transcendental power and poured inside him the Shadani Shakti.

It was on 20th April 2003 Satguru Dev Swami Gobindram Ji Maharaj declared Sant Yudhishter Lal ji as the 9th Shadani Sant Representative.

on 22nd April 2003 A.D at 12:30 hours in night, Sant Gobindram Sahib ji left for Brahmkhand and on the day of BARHO ( the twelfth day from Agni Sanskar) it was Monday, 5th May 2003 )Tilak ceremony of Sant ji’s as Navam jyot had taken place(21 Vesakh)

Tilak Ceremony of Sant Ji as Navam jyot ninth gaddisar

Sant Shree’s Tilak Ceremony was taken place according to the Sanatan favour On 5th may 2003 in the pious day of Lord Shiva by following all the traditions and Spiritual Practices in the presence of Jagat Guru, Kul Guru, Sants of different temples and Asthans, Panchayats from various villages, towns and cities and in the huge gathering in thousands of Shadani Shewaks.

Sant Yudhishter Lal was elevated to Shadani Gaddi as 9th Sant at 1:31 minutes Noon.(21 Vesakh)

On completion of yagya with vedic mantras,the Kul Guru Swami Teeka Lal Thakur from Haridwar. Swami Shishpal Sharma from Mathura and Head of the Raman Reti, Guru Sharananand ji Maharaj from Gokul, In between recitation of vedic mantras gave Tilak on the forehead of Sant Yudhister Lal ji Maharaj.

The PAGG (The Turban) was tied around his head by Pujiya panchayat Hayat Pitafi (Pakistan) After that all the followers and believers bowed their heads at the feet of Sant Yudishter Lal ji Mahraj and requested for blessings.

Doctorate in Psychology:

Satguru dev ji have always keen interest towards education and also he incite others to have education. Because of his active interest towards education even after becoming Navam Peethadeeshwar can be seen as a form of Doctorate now. He Pursued diploma in Vedang Jyotish and has done the PHD in his area of interest i.e PHD in Psychology. He utilized his time even after involving in Darbar’s activity and also in the Spiritual practices of Society and Prepared for PHD Entrance Exam. Thus he got selected there and took the subject of Psychology to proceed Further, under the guidance of Dr.J.C Ajwani and Dr.Amba Sethi he Studied and Researched “Altruism as the Function of Religiosity and Spiritual Practice :A Comparative Study of Local resident and immigrant sindhi middle agers” .Thus with constant dedication and hard work upto 3years (on 16th march 2018)he accomplished the prestigious Doctorate degree from the university offering psychology(Kalinga University, Raipur).The person who do’s PHD is also known as “Creator of Information”.Thus it was the most Happiest and the glorious moment for Shadani’s and Sant ji was rewarded for his accomplishment for all shadani disciples .

He is Continuing his dedicated services towards Shadani Darbar, Spreading the humanity and Serving the mankind all across the globe !!